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Would you eat a Burger grown in a Lab?

My family and myself work in the meat industry, specifically butchers but we know people working in large meat processing plants. You would be surprised what is classed as edible meat and the ways they can get it, you'll definitely not find any ingredients in your local supermarket that's for sure!

Dave L

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As with many scientific discoveries, I strongly suspect that this whole thing came about by accident, a petri dish being the exact size and shape of a beefburger and all that... Expect the first test tube sausage any day now.


Staff member
At the end of the day - if they can produce meat grown in a lab that's nutritious and healthy then it could solve the crisis of world hunger.

And it would save the slaughter of animals.

All in all it's the future of how we will live, the next stage of our evolution and all that.
Agreed, once you get over the mental hang-ups of where the food comes from and focus on how much is gained at a minimal cost to the environment, it's hard to argue against it.