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Would you be interested in an new online resources website?


Junior Member
Hi Everyone,

I've spent hours trawling the web for online apps, tools and resources, so now I'm thinking of setting up a site showcasing/reviewing all these types of things. It would primarily be aimed at designers and freelancers, but would have content and tools that would be helpful to lots of different types of businesses.

Some of the areas I'll be covering initially would be...

• Invoicing/Account apps (free and paid)
• Office Apps (wordprocessing / spreadsheets etc)
• Web hosting
• Free and premium stock photography/illustrations/font sites (I'll probably have a section where you can download freebie directly)
• Wordpress/Joomla template resources
• Online Form Builders

I'm thinking I will break it down into categories, and in each category have a basic list of the different resources/providers with a rating and pros & cons, then have in depth reviews of individual items. I would really like readers to comment and add their feedback, perhaps with a way to rate the product themselves, and show an average rating?

I know there are a few other sites out there that cover some of the areas that I've mentioned, but in all my hours trawling the net I haven't come across a site that would cover all these areas.

So I just wanted to get a bit of feedback - see what people think, if they would go to a site like that, and what would they like to find there?



Active Member
Hi Tony,

Like the idea of an all-in-one resource, and it's actually very similar to the types of things we'll be covering with the Design Forums blog, once that gets launched, if you'd be interested in writing for the DF Blog drop me a PM, as I will be inviting members of the forums to get involved in return for some exposure/backlinks to their own sites.

I'd like to see:
Application extensions, plugins, brushes and swatches exchange
Blank design templates (common box cutters, t-shirt templates etc)
An area for mood-boarding
Technical design for print info, such as printing and finishing techniques

These are resources for which I'm always finding myself hunting round the net.

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Good Idea tony, and always a good way to get traffic to your own portfolio! One of the oldest, and easiest tricks of the trade, although keeping it updated is a must!