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World Cup Result

Oh go on then. I can't tell you how many times I've wet the bed this last few weeks in excitement over the world cup, it's not funny.

I think the obvious favourites are Brazil, Spain or Argentina. But I'm going to place a sneaky bet on Holland. They've got some good players hitting form.
seriously excited about the World Cup.

I'm going to say England as i'm wildly optimistic!

Otherwise i think the usual suspects such as Brazil or Argentina.

either way, i'm looking forward to watching football to excess over the next few weeks!
I'll go for Spain, but I think Argentina will do well also.

I only see England getting as far as the quarter-finals again, unfortunately. :icon_Wall:
Well, here is the summary and I declare the competition closed. I have taken first answers.

Minutenan Press

Dot Design
Alan Johnson

ms dave

Azimuth Print

Boss Hog

C Young
Spark Creative

It's going to be interesting!