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World class bad design . . .

As a designer specialising in retouching, this is Photoshop gold to me, and a very strong argument against certain people having access to it. You wouldn't give a revolver to a chimp, and similar common sense applies here.

"I can do cut-outs, me, and what's clashing of light sources? Text not fitting in space? No problem, no formatting required as I can just stretch to f**k, jemmy it in and job's a good 'un!"

'Sh*t yourself' does look like it actually went to print – unless someone actually mocked it up on newsprint. Unreal. But triple arm Dad is pure class (p.3).



Staff member
LOL! Had a jolly time looking at those. :)

I saw that "Sh*it Yourself" one a few years back in a typography faux pas compilation and I think if was real.
I mentioned on another thread that I was recently checking out local design companies and although not in that league there were some corkers even on the first few pages of Google.
It was a risk that everyone had seen before and I ended up looking like a chump who has been living under a rock – but the 'suit yourself' is such a gem is hard to believe it passed under so many noses. On the other hand, I reckon they whole design agency knew and just hated the client who hadn't spotted it – or they tweaked last minute before going to print. Would have been a great parting gift for an employee who was leaving and hated their boss though – I have been tempted to sabotage an image on more than one occasion, but would be too easy, and they know where I live.:eek:


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Had a quick look and if I'm honest I'm actually struggling to work out how some of them were done.... clearly all these years of training have removed the necessary photoshop skills to such work... maybe it's true maybe I need to understand photoshop fully to be a graphic designer lol

This is a reference to this thread :)