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Working Weekends

Hi Guys,

I've just started my new job and i hate it! After been at Uni for 4 years I end up getting a job in a call center working 9am - 10pm on Saturday and Sundays. I am about to start my first weekend shift and I'm not too pleased about it. This is just terrible!


damn Glen :( i'm sorry you hate it :( I would say just think of the money you'll be earning and then it will hopefully help a little bit :)


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It's not so bad at least you got a job! It took me a year after graduating to get a job in design and even now it's not ideal, but you've just think of the experience ... any experience will help you and it's better than just sitting around. I'm sure it'll get better for you, the first few weeks you'll just need to settle in! :up:
Yeah Its monet at the end of the day and it been getting me out of the house but It's such a bad job. Its taken me nearly 5 months to get this job and its just about parking ya ss in a chair and answering moaning customers about thier sky been broken but hey...
I used to work in a callcentre doing laser printer support for nearly 2 years. Did Telemarketing and outbound calls when I first came to London as well, even worse :cry:. Hated every minute of it so I can understand your frustrations :). Eventually you'll develop the "ignore asshole customer" skill and it gets easier :).


many years ago I worked for Going Places in their customer service department.. they get some real moany buggers there :lol:


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renniks said:
and got to meet me haha :D
well it would have been easier to say hello, had i not been up to my eyes!

glenwheeler said:
Pure grafter! :up:
just the way its rolling at the mo, busy day at my freelance regular gig friday and then trying to knock a fair few hours out of the park at the **** job so I can enjoy a bit more time off/focus on my freelance work.

It's all good, my weekend starts around 6pm sunday usually, monday off, lunch with my friend, her shop is closed monday or long walk with my blind friend, then back on the horse!