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Work things that make you laugh...


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Ok today I was receiving a few adverts for a magazine.

I was inspecting the supplied advert and noticed that there was a lineart supplied as a 4 colour - it was a logo and printed pretty small.

I requested to speak the designer and within a few hours I was on the phone to them.

I explained that 4 colour lineart that should appear as 100% K could cause misregistration at print.

This is basically the conversation

"But this advert has been printed about 80 times!"

"Well there's a risk and I won't accept this artwork"

"But it's literally been printed 70 or 80 times!"

"I can't print this advert knowing there's a margin for error for which you can call me on"

"What? It's been printed about 50 times!" (notice the amount of times being printed going down)

"Can you please supply the logo as 1 colour black instead of 4 colour???"

"But it's been printed at least I don't know how many times?" (note they don't know now)

My point is - it's not that it's my concern what people supply. But if I spot an error I have it fixed.

What tickles me is that at least 20 people accepted this artwork - and my mind boggles... who are these people printing this?

One thing that was also a major concern was 20 versions of spot colours in a full colour advert! Plus a 4 colour lineart logo!

I'm glad I took the time to get these fixed.

But to be honest that's the watered down version "I was literally effed and blinded" down the phone for asking for simple changes!

Made me laugh

Stationery Direct

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We have this sort of conversation all the time, they would be the first to bounce the job if there was an issue and then you would get the "you should have pointed this out to me" speech. I always persevere until it is right and if the customer/designer doesn't agree with me (someone who deals with this sort of thing all day long) then they are free to go elsewhere or would have to confirm that they wished to proceed despite my advice.


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Feel free to add any chain jerk that you find funny too.

The whole thing of this "Oh it was printed 50 times" gets my back up. It doesn't matter how many times it was printed - it's wrong.

Which in a weird way makes me laugh.