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Hey Guys,

Just wondering if anyone here is a programmer who is familiar with programming wordpress templates? I've almost got a finished design, just need the concept coded into a wordpress theme. Anyone got the know how?

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Hey Alex,

Didn't think I would see you here, haha.

I do Wordpress work as you know, the Frugal Movies stuff I did for the Final Major ran on wordpress.

I'm guessing you want it integrated straight into the site?

If you send me the final design I could give you a fairly accurate quote.



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Hi Alex,

If this is a project tender then I'll move it to the relevant forum... there's a number of talented developers here who can help you with this I'm sure :)



wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) to go through a tutorial or 2 to learn to do it yourself? :) just a thought :)


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I can do it myself, i just don't really have the time to, as i'm setting up the site as a favour for my uncle i just wanted to see what other people could quote for it. But it's all good now, resolved. :p