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Wordpress Uninstallation - PHPmyadmin (new to it..)


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Hi all.

I'm trying to uninstall a wordpress blog completely, to reinstall it again.

I've searched everywhere for uninstallation tutorials and wouldve thought thered be a few more, but i did find this one:

How to Uninstall or Reinstall WordPress | Tips and Tricks

Im going for this:

Approach 1 (Full Clean Uninstall)

  1. Delete all your WordPress files and folders from the site (usually from your ‘public_html’ directory).
  2. Delete the WordPress database user and table (usual through ‘cPanel’ control panel if your site has ‘cPanel’)
  3. Now Install WordPress from the beginning like you did the first time and you are done (How to install WordPress).
But i dont have a clue what the guy is talking about when he says delete the WordPress database user and table.

I am dealing with phpMyAdmin, not cpanel, and I've never really dealt with Sql databases at all before.

Can anyone tell me how to find the "user and table" for Wordpress and delete them?

The wordpress database is called wp_reach, do i start there? And Is it simply a case of deleting everything inside the wp_reach section, because it also contains things that have names starting with dap (Digital Access Pass) aswell as with wp (for wordpress).

I think the DAP stuff can be replaced and added again if theres no way around moving it.

Ive tried to look but found no real guidance here, and the trouble is im a bit worried about just clicking around randomly because every post/article i have found has warned us newbies away from Sql databases. But if its only deleting some files and adding some files, I thought it could be my introduction to it.. or is it best to ask for help?

Thanks for the help in advance



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Im sorta exploring phpmyadmin to try to "Delete the WordPress database user and table" and this is where i am:

1) logged into phpmyadmin and clicked "Databases" in the left column of main window.

2) i found 'wp_reach' (wordpress database) and clicked it

3) I found 'wp_users' and clicked the little browse button (second button in from the left on same row as 'wp_users')

I got to this screen in my attachment (Picture-1). ive highlighted the 'breadcrumb' at the top of the page to show how i got there. do i just click the big red x for this row of data??

I am a bit worried about the notification shown in Picture2, appearing on the 'main page' of phpMyAdmin:

The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.



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Why dont u back up word press amd just remove the whole database...

reupload the whole cms with a brand new database and then import the backup file again?


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thanks for the reply glenn :)

by remove the whole database, what bit is the database?? :S (the whole wp_reach bit?)

i needed to uninstall all the wordpress content anyway (all the files i originally uploaded via ftp) so i have backed up and removed those files.

is making a new database ok for my level of knowledge


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Hi Emma,

wp_reach is the table which is inside the database. What CP are you using with the web hosting you have?

It depends on what data you have installed on wordpress? Have you had months worth of blogs etc? and is there content you want to save if so you would need to back all of this up first. You say you have removed the files which may not be a problem. Do you use a IM at all I could help you out a bit better. PM if you like or post back here and Ill try my best to help you out.


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i am using phpmyadmin (think that answers your CP question..!)

and no, not months worth of stuff - this was literally brand new bubt problems were popping up and this is an attempt to iron all out and start from fresh. there were a lotta plugins on there but i can always install again -that might be better for checkng whats causing the problem, too.

there are a lot of others listed alongside wp_reach (as in screenshow) so i dont really want to delete the entire thing. these look like theyre related to lots of diff sites which are not my business :)

yes i have skype, or msn, e ill pm you the details - thanks very much! will you be online at around 10pm or is this too late for you?



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phpmyadmin will be built into the control panel. Are you windows hosting or Linux or maybe your running as local host? But that wouldnt make sense with a WP CMS. Is this a personal Blog or have you done it for someone? All the screenshot shows is the CMS Username and the Encrypted password fields, this is perfectly fine.

As the CMS was new then its probably ok just to do a complete installation. I've added you on both Skype and MSN and will be able to run you through it best I can.


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Yeah i know those - Glen helped me with backing up and removing the old database (thanks!), and ive added a new database, username and password and put the new wordpress files there.

There were some other 'tables' that were in the backup to do with something called Digital Access Pass or DAP. I now need to add these back into the database, and I'll be done.

Im using Webmin.. which im told is a loada rubbish :) that makes me kinda feel better about not knowing how to import these tables back in at all..!


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Yeah It is a bit poo.

For future reference, I'd use MySQL Query Browser for MySQL stuff, it's free and it's the best thing that I know of, but the mac version crashes at least twice a day.


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thanks robin. does anyone know how i put those tables back in? ive just got one .sql file as a backup for the whole wordpress databasem including the old wordpress tables as well as the tables i need to put back where they were, and im not sure how to either upload the whole thing someplace so i can delete the old wp files without overwriting the new ones ive put there, or how to just extract and add the other tables that need to be put back where they were
Hey Emma,

If you have the database created and a username and password for that database then we should be able to upload the CMS and then direct it to the database. WP will create the tables in that database for you, we shouldnt need to import anything back in until the CMS is back up if thats the option you want to do.


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thanks glen - not quite sure if ive got what youve said properly but the wordpress tables are already there, the people who run this webmin thing put a new set of tables from a new installation of wordpress in. so it's just the tables to do with Digital Access Pass that im not sure how/if i should put back in :S
Hey Emma,

Ahh so the guys have ran through the new wordpress installation? So where is the wordpress frontend sat now then? It should just be a matter of importing them back in. Hopefully myself or gregg can get this one sorted for you.


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Hey Glen,

Greg and i have now also had the discussion about wht a weird setup these guys have :D

ive got all the dap tables back in there, and am just going to give it a test run to see if it works..

thanks for so much help with this guys :)


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I did finally yeah! Thanks :)

Everything seems to be working ok (touch wood.. or the plasticy sorta coating over the wood of my desk..)

Big thanks Glen and Greg for so much help