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Wordpress Themes

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by djb, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. djb

    djb Member

    Does anyone use off-the-shelf themes for clients? I ask because I’ve had two people approach me with budgets way below what I would normally ask for to design a WordPress site, but I’d like the work so have offered to take a standard theme and just modify it a little for them. It just feels a bit cheeky perhaps so was wondering what others do.
  2. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I know a fair few people who find a theme that fits the layout they're looking for and then butcher it up a bit to customise it, if this is how you mean.
  3. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I always think that, as long as you are honest with the customer and they realise their budget isn't going to get bespoke, it isn't a problem. At least they get a site and you get some income.

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