Wordpress 5.0 is coming


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Have you tried Gutenberg? You can’t just add content anymore, you have to use content blocks making the whole writing experience clunky and awkward.

And it’s going to break many themes and plugins.

Install the classic editor plugin, don’t let Gutenberg take control.


I might not like the gutenberg editor,but i like the idea of making an editor that can work across all themes etc so it will all be in the same format. Would be amazing for the community so other devs could focus on plugins/themes and more awesome functionality, while u could easily switch themes etc.


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You can already do this with the existing editor.

If you use shortcodes to create your layout (eg used Divi or a page builder) then Gutenberg won't work. It will just dump everything in a classic editor block.

Converting anything that uses shortcodes into a Gutenberg block is a major undertaking, especially if they have attributes. I've been converting just one of mine and it's taken over 100 hours of coding so far. I'm not going to convert the others.

Paul Murray

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I can't believe the devs are still pushing Gutenberg, despite the large amount of negative comments around it's implementation. It seems people don't not want Gutenberg, they just don't want it as part of the core install, which the devs are just ignoring.


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Be ready to install the classic editor!

If you have never used wordpress before then the block editor makes sense and is perfectly usable. If you are used to the old editor it's a right pain in the backside. Even simple things like image alignment is now fiddly and awkward.