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Not exactly whooping for joy but its the only title I could think of at a moments notice. The main reason I joined this forum was for help in illustrator. I'm a graphic designer (focusing more on logos as of late) and because I'm self-taught, I sometimes need help or tips and hints.
Graphic design (well, art in general) is one of my hobbies and passions...I started off in photoshop, using it the same way I would microsoft paint. from photoshop, i progressed to illustrator as logos are required in vector format. as of now, I have a ok-ish grasp of the program, however, there is SO MUCH untapped potential for me out there! I don't even know what half of the tools mean, let alone know how to use them :eek:.

for a general idea of my skill level, a few selections in my portfolio on design crowd:
My portfolio
and my deviantart is: softpurple.deviantart.com

I have more art and logos on my deviantart than my designcrowd profile, as some of my logos are automatically hidden by the site.


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thanks! i like freehand too, but cant afford a tablet just yet. (that is, the wacom intuos 4). i also didnt like illustrator uptil a while ago because it just feels foreign after using photoshop. I've gotten used to it now though.
I find Illustrator fights you every inch of the way...

Tablets. Why not save some money and get a Wacom Bamboo Pen. It's what I use.
Getting a intuos4 doesn't make you a better designer/artist. Retail about £70 ebay £40ish.


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i know that it doesnt/wont make me a better designer or artist. Its just that its one of the best, and i wont be satisfied if i have anything less. realistically speaking i will probably end up with the wacom bamboo as i just can't afford to fork out so much money on a hobby.
so what program do you use? i agree with the illustrator thing, but only because as I said, i;ve barely tapped half its potential. I create everything painstakingly from scratch :/


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for example, i sketched a cartoon type image that i wanted to use as a logo, scanned it to the pc, but once it was on illustrator i had to use the pen tool to trace around each section of the sketch. and then create seperate fills, etc. I'm sure there must be a much easier way but havent bothered to find out if there is.
Well that's how you do it vectorizing an image is a fiddle but that's how you do it.

I work the same way whilst doing an character as a vector for web or print.
Sketch it out, scan it and draw over the top in Illustrator ( I have to use illy now since updating to Lion on my Mac).
When working point to point its not so bad using a mouse. That's how we used to do it before tablets...

Stick with it and practice.


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:eek: that is so...painstakingly slow....i've done it a few times and while it works for a simple sketch, for details i just cannot imagine! :( i'm actually using the laptop touchpad because since graphic design is a hobby, i've usually got the laptop on my legs in bed while designing.

outlining isn't my real problem anyway, i'd gladly scan and vectorise if i knew how to colour effectively.. (without a tablet or using the brush tool with a mouse). right now I usually create shapes of different shades instead of shadows to give more depth to my images. i've got lots to learn.

edit// just had a look at your work and its amazing! I really love the detail.
I'd work at a desk for that sort of thing. Use a mouse for now. It does speed up with practice.

Thanks for the compliment as well. Glad you like.