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Stationery Direct

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Trying not to piss on your fire (sorry), but that exact term only gets 58 exact local searches per month. I know you seem to have ranked for this by chance and not too bothered, but for anyone else interested... This is why you should always do your homework first before optimising your site and decide which keywords are worth trying to rank for, for example 'graphic design edinburgh' receives 480 exact local searches per month, or 'web design edinburgh' with 1,600. These 2 would have been the ones I would have gone for, hope that helps someone :icon_smile:


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Are you looking in google adwords?

Is it also worth looking at the 'competition' column and going for ones that perhaps don't rank 'high' but still have 4 or 500 searches? For example "marketing colchester" gets 480 searches locally with 'low' competition whereas 'marketing agency colchester' gets 28 and has 'high' competition (Duh!!)
Wow thanks for the negativity. As I say I am a pretty clueless on it all and I am page 2 for 'graphic designer Edinburgh'
now thats good mate, hard to get yourself up the rankings with such a popular phrase. if you keep your website updated and make sure your dont break any of the google rules so u get blacklisted you can prob make it into page 1