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Nice one Col

Was thinking of doing one myself as I fancy a Ducati, the other half isn't too keen though as my Dad had a VERY bad accident a few years ago, how much did it cost you to learn/pass?


I paid £415 for lessons.

That covered my CBT, 9 lessons with use of the training schools bikes (better I drop theirs and not mine!)

Theory test cost £30.00

Final test costs £60.00

Total: £505.00

If I wanted to use my own bike for my CBT and lessons then the final cost would have been £365.00

I also bought my own 125cc bike for practice in between lessons. This really is something you should do as you learn much more quickly. My bike cost me £1000 (Yamaha Virago 125). That seems a lot for a bike I was only going to have for a short time but 125's are always in huge demand. I've already got someone wanting to buy mine for £1100 :) The reason I'm getting more than what I paid is due to me just having got it taxed and mot'd, fitted new rear tyre and front brake pads.

You can get a 125 for around £400 though, check ebay, gumtree etc.

There are two options you can take as far as your test. Standard and Direct.

With standard you sit your final test on a 125cc bike and are restricted to a 125cc for 2 years, after which you can ride any size of bike. Direct access allows you to ride any size of bike after you pass your test. i went the direct access route.

The costs of running a bike are tiny compared to that of a car. 1 years road tax for a 125cc bike is £15.00

A full tank of petrol is about £7 (you will get just over 100 miles for that).

Learning to ride the bike is the best thing I've ever done and the biking community is great thing to be a part of. You just have to be MUCH more aware when you are on the roads.

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Cheers for the info Col

I can already ride one so don't reckon I would need many lessons, been seriously considering it this year but never looked into it properly. Direct route would definitely be for me as I'd want something suuuuuper fast :icon_biggrin:

If I can convince my other half that I won't kill myself I may just look at doing my test.
Good stuff :)

Your actually pretty lucky then. A new bike test was supposed to come into force on October 1st this year but the DVLA can't organise a piss-up in a brewery and so its been postponed for 6 months.

If I were you I'd seriously consider sitting your test before the new test comes in as it is more expensive and a lot more difficult than the current test ;)