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Wooden Watch


Staff member
Cant tell much from those pictures but not exactly sure why I'd buy that over the multitude of other wooden watches like those from wewood....
HI Levi,

Thanks for the comment.

All the other watches you mention are just traditional metal watches designs where wood has been used. Wood cannot be machined or expected to hold the same tolerances or not crack when you make really small pieces. If you were to hold one I doubt you'd be impressed. They wouldn't last long due to their weaknesses, of being held together with metal pins.

Our wooden links are not directly load-bearing, as the construction is completely different. When you delve a little deeper, we re-considered every component, going deeper than the simple design suggests. The 50m water resistance is a specification we are really proud of as it underlines the robustness of the watch.

We are so close to the project that its hard not to assume the differences are obvious. Thanks for the comment
HI Katie,
Glad you like the design. They start from £170 if you get in early. The project is going through kickstarter where they can be pre-ordered and you can also read more about the design process.