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Wonder Woman


Staff member
well, it kind of moves away from the swimsuit she wore in the comics...

Can't say it's looking quite right to me, there's too much shine and it's maybe edging a bit too much judge dread.

In my opinion if they were going to restyle the character they should have done what they did with the phantom (made for tv movie) and completely modernise it's fashion rather than trying to rehash the original style.

edit: looks like this new design is taking influence from the one mentioned here - http://dailypostal.com/2010/06/30/wonder-woman-new-costume/ which looks more up to date than the one above I might add.


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The Jim Lee design would work better, and looks better than the 1970s version lol.
To be frank, as far as even DC super hero costumes go, Wonder Woman's is bloody ridiculous to begin with!


Senior Member
not after the great costumes we've seen in the reboots of Batman, Spider man, Captain America most recently... they could do better