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Wolverine gone bad


Senior Member
Onartis said:
Although I'd rather have mind control like Matt Parker from Heroes :rolleyes:

What special superpower would you guys want?
Peter Petrelli's power(s)! That way you can just take your pick - not that I'm greedy or anything :p


Senior Member
Pfft the adamantium claws werent a superhero power, they were the result of science experimentation BECAUSE he was able to regen. /sigh... haha

I'd go with (Charles) xavier's powers from Xmen, telepathy at its greatest, ability to learn what people know, ability to find out where people are / what they are thinking at 250 miles, etc. etc.

Tom Sound

Active Member
Onartis said:
No because he can't heal other people, so one of them still would've been screwed :lol:
Well, I'd ask for Batfink's then as you must be able to get wings of steel and a super sonic sonar ray within budget :D


Senior Member
I know someone with the tattoo "BATMAN" on his arms (bat on left, man on right fore-arm) written in ... krypton (language of supermans home planet) >.< hahaha