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Wireless router help

Ok so I want to invest in a wireless router.... i know nothing about buying them, so any cheap sites or decent ones, recommendations would be a huge help :)
Hey Leanne,

The first thing I would point out to you is the router speeds. We have G that runs at 54mbps and now the wireless N which runs at 300mbps which is still in draft stages, but pretty much there to be honest with you. I would recommend buying either Belkin or Linksys routers, any other than that aint the best in my opinion, alot of people talk abput Netgear but to me they aint in the same league as the two I have mentioned. What is your budget? What is the maximum you will pay? Personally you might as well go directly for an N standard which will have MIMO and everything else you will need on there. Is the router just used for general internet connectivity? We would also need to know if your a cable or adsl customer?

I suggest either of these two:

Linksys by Cisco Wireless-N Broadband Router with: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

Belkin Wireless Router N1: Amazon.co.uk: Office Products

I have suggested these thinking you just want it for internet usage and nothing special. But these routers have alot of features built into them. The first one hosts removeable storage which is extremly handy when you have NAS.


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Linksys is a well known and trusted brand. I've had mine for years now with no problems.

What's going to be receiving the wireless signal from your router? If it's a laptop or computer with built-in wireless capabilities then great, if its a much older computer you may need a USB dongle or wireless card.
Whatever the case, make sure you put a password on your wireless network during setup. Otherwise Joe Bloggs next door could leach off your badwidth. Damn him.


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Now I'd say avoid belkin wireless kit with a bargepole, apart from one (an old 54g one) they've all been pretty rubbish and died pretty quickly (ones I had). That and the fact that 90% of the time they didn't bleedin work as they were supposed to.

Can't comment on linksys but as they're now owned by cisco they should be good.

I currently use a zyxel (£200 when new) which also has voip but it's only 802.11g (54g) and I'm likely to upgrade to a draytek 2820Vn (again with voip and adsl modem) for 802.11n, again it's not cheap at around £180 but they have a very good reputation as did zyxel.
The draytek is a soho (small office home office) router and has a usb port that supports a 3G modem, usb storage or print storage etc, theres also a connection for a fall back/balancing modem so it's possibly a little high end in terms of an average users requirement so may be worth looking at the cheaper models from them as an option.

Just as a side thought, do you need adsl connection or is this router purely for connecting to a cable modem as you haven't actually said :)


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Yeah it is, but my current router basically has all of the same features except for usb and 802.11n so it's just a natural upgrade :)