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Windows Media Center with Xbox 360

Hi Guys,

I just wondered if anyone knew much about connecting my pc to windows media center on the Xbox 360 elite. Now, am know Networking noobie...infact i got 86/100 in my Bsc Advanced Networks Exam whoo! Anyway more to the point...

I used to have this working perfectly fine until my house mate decided to change routers. We now have a Belkin N+ router where the PC and 360 elite both connect to the same network (obviously) i go to media center on xbox the media center and retrieve my code and then whack that in on the media center extender on the pc to look for the xbox360 extender. The pc then tels me it cannot find the extender.

I have ran throught everything on the xbox and microsoft sites about opening ports etc etc and still nothing works. I have opened ports and have disabled firewalls the whole shabang!

My pc will not let me ping my Xbox for some reason even though its on the same network. Windows 7 picks up the Xbox360 in the connected devices area, all sharing options are on so whats the problem :( I've been trying to fix the issue for a few days now but have still had no luck, I would love if anyone had any idea's. DM me and we can hook up on Skype or Messenger to try and get this bad boy fixed! I am available all evening's after 6.

Cheers Guys n Dolls!