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Windows/linux logos


Junior Member

I was wondering how hosts use the windows/linux server icons when advertising their hosting packages.

Are we allowed to just find one and use it? is there a certain image from each vendor that you can use? or stock images?

When do you normally get these from?


Alex L

Senior Member
I don't know about Windows but if you are paying the license for the server, I imagine somewhere in the license it will grant you permission to use their logos.

The way you lay out your site will depend on how you use the logos.

If you are having Windows/Linux on separate pages, then they aren't so important, although maybe you may use them as links on your homepage.

If you are having a comparison page, you may want to use the Windows logo and tux.

Alternatively, if you offer more than one Linux distribution, you may want each logo, such as CentOS and Debian. (Sometimes in the footer, see Cheap VPS, UK, USA, Virtuozzo SLM guaranteed RAM, 24x7 support, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx, CentOS 5, Debian 6 Squeeze, Plesk 10 VPS)