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Windows 98 anyone be so kind?


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Hay peeps, right as some of you may know I'm into my old school games, problem is most wont run on Windows XP/Vista.

So any one have a old copy of Windows 98 that they wouldn't mind sending me?
I know cheeky, but I love to recycle so thought I would ask. :p

It would find a loving owner who would take great, great care of it, play with it daily, okay maybe not daily, but more than it currently does sitting in your back cupboard and I will even pay the postage. :D

Go on I know someone wants to be kind and do a good deed today, just think how happy it will make me. :D


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Some games have been remade to work on XP if you don't mind spending a few pences. Theme Hospital being a prime example. Check your local GAME store.


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Yeah I normally use DOSBox, but this being a 1999 game wont run on it, and it just keeps crashing on XP and locks my whole system up. Windows 98/2000/ME it works fine on though.

Good idea fella, unfortunately this was created by Micropose which well is no longer around. :cry:

Aww man if you could, Windows 98, 2000 or ME though if you have them. Dude I would be well appreciative, he says hyperventilating. :D