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Windows 7

Ette Taylor

Junior Member
Hi all, has anyone upgraded to the new Windows 7 yet, just wondered if you had any problems with Adobe and the new platform as thinking of upgrading at xmas, but I know CS5 wont be out for a while yet.

Let me know...:)


Staff member
I intend to upgrade shortly, I tried the x64 beta and had no serious issues with any of the software that I use (including adobe), to be honest I expected that to be the case as its still basically vista in terms of compatibility.


Staff member
ha ha, windows vista is fine after sp1, windows 7 is faster than vista and just as stable (assuming the user doesn't fill it up with bloatware) while supporting more than one hardware configuration :p
I can't stand going back to xp these days as the interface is so slow compared with vista.


Staff member
actually I was eating my evening meal.
Anyways I haven't had a virus on windows vista x64 since I've had it (over 2 years) and this is more than one machine. Not sure how well x86 holds up but x64 is pretty much virus free in my experience. edit: would never recommend getting x86 w7 unless your cpu's is x86 only (pretty old stuff mainly)

As for the old ones, I've heard they're migrating over to os-x on the iphone at the same rate as adobe flash :p


Senior Member
Got windows 7 Release candidate 1 32 bit on this machine (essentially extended beta) which will last until the 1st of March and was free

And have a copy of windows 7 64 bit on CD that I bought the other day which I will install on here when I can be bothered. :)

I love it and wouldnt go back to vista, but why someone would use xp I'm still not sure (out of business use)


Senior Member
xp is the bogs dollocks.

if it didnt feel so cluttered (for me, mentally) i would use it as my second os.

well, maybe third.

1. snow leopard.
2. leopard.

okay maybe fourth

3. tiger

fifth actually

4. panther
glenwheeler said:
My CS4 works great on Windows 7! I love windows 7 they have done a wicked job!
ditto. works great for me too. shame I still haven't gotten round to reinstalling all my crap yet, just CS4 :/


Senior Member
windows 7 actually takes 3 times longer to load up than vista ;)

according to certain benchmarks

the time taken to get the computer to be in 'idle' mode is about 3 times longer than vista once the desktop is reached, however if you're computer is of any decency you can use it well before idle state is reached
I've not noticed any difference tbh, but then again I don't tend to sit around when I start up my machine. I usually turn it on then go make a cup of tea (not because it's slow, just because I can :p)