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Windows 7


Senior Member
Did anyone install the beta? If I ever see Steve Ballmer, I'm going to laugh at him, right to his face! :lol:
From the couple of new features I've seen, 9 out of 10 are already available on Mac or are hardly an improvement or innovation.
I hear it is faster...but that's about it...but I personally feel that anything improved over Vista will be a much welcomed addition. I refuse to move to Vista because it sucks, I'm hoping 7 works better.


Senior Member
you can download the beta torrent online now, was leaked by american press apparently!

vista did suck, the sider was distinctively familiar to the dashboard on Mac, coinkidink? hmm. that took it too far. the graphics didnt even impress me, and with mac's simplicity all over their products, i don't think they'll ever lose out to Windows, except if it creates work for you and sells it making you a squillionaire in 0.07 seconds.