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Windows 7 IE/ XP IE8 Tester


Senior Member
Hi There,

In next few days putting a new site live and looking for someone who could go through a site and double check no displaying issues that look odd.

I don't have IE8 installed on PC at the moment and also not got Windows 7 yet so need 2 people with access to these.

Obviously will pay for time etc...




Staff member
I can do it for you, I've got x64 ie8 etc.
As long as it's just a once over and not looking at the code just pm me the link and I'll do it for free :)


Senior Member
Yeh not needing code done would be visual check over only etc....

And cheers guys, likely to be Monday Tuesday next week as something else came up today (not the domain thing either, something else arrrr)


I can check IE6, IE7, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on both XP and Vista x64 on PC. And Firefox and Safari on Mac if you need it.

A fiver per browser should cover it. :rolleyes: