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Will you fifa 10?



I think the last football game I bought was Sensible Soccer on the Amiga :lol:


it was awesome :D especially the flipkick :D the keeper couldnt ever save from that kick :lol:
Can you get it for PC? Cause then I might hook up a gamepad and play it a bit. Played 09 quite a bit when I had an x360.

I hate football in real life but I love football games...hehe.


Just a guess.. do you play him being a dumb twat in the US or over here I wonder.. do you get to add extra tattoos to him too just for the hell of it :lol:


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They've made big promises, looks really good from what I've seen. Master League contains the Champs League and UEFA cup, lots of other additions.


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Yeh most likely, usually get it every other year depending on what they plan on introducing
09 wasnt a good enough upgrade on 08 in my opinion.


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loving the "loading" option- where you've got a 1-on-1 training game whilst your menus/matches are loading!
I like fifa 10 its very good, Ive seen a few little glitcvhes in it already tho...play as Aston Villa you will see what i mean, It seems Abonlaghor always starts kick off in the opisitions half.


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also aron ramsey or wiltshire is like 2009 years old....................when you are attacking and the ball is in your opponent's box...the screen slows down just like neo dodging bullets.

apart from that everything seems fine...............