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Will Flash be necessary in 5 years time?


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Was just thinking, with the increase of javascript/ajax effects available, will flash really be that necessary in 5 years time? even today there is more javascript effects are out there to give effects that only few years ago would mostly be done only in flash

take a look at this for example
www.benjoffe.com | Canvascape / Textures

that said i believe certain enhancements will allways be done in flash as it would be cheaper and more efficient than having it all in js.

anyways, what do you think?
It's still the only application that lets you animate and output as vector artwork isn't it? for that reason I think it'll be around for a while yet; It's not just used for web content.


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Flash will be here as long as the web (as we know it) is I think. It's far too versatile and powerful to be replaced effectively.


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I think Flash will be around in 5 years time, and probably more popular than it is now, for two reasons, the first being that search engines are getting better at reading the SWF files, so the issue of flash sites being useless for SEO will one day not be an issue IMO, and secondly with improving broadband connection speeds, and further demand for fully interactive & customizable sites for users, well built sites with Flash will be able to fulfill that need beyond the limitations of javascript.


Flash will evolve into a Flash / Flex hybrid and do things like Wordpress but with Flash functionality... thats what i think anyway :)
The thing is I feel is that a lot of these things are easier to do in flash then they would be in just javascript.

For example that animation onartis posted, it's cool all in code...but Flash could do that in like 10 minutes with no code at all.

And as you guys said, Flash will evolve...it is still really powerful...I mean you can't get the smooth animations in anything but Flash in my opinion. Looking at the two javascript examples posted, there is an obvious delay in response..flash doesn't have that issue.


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Flash handles quite a lot of content besides from just the web.
and of course with the newest installment CS4, it now has the ability to go 3D It makes a lot of things possible for designers and animators who arent very handy with scripts. and at the very least, most animations/presentations dont need much complex actionscript beyond a few simple lines you could find on the net and i think Flash will keep evolving to keep up with any changes that could possibly make it obsolete... it's adobe ^^

i mean check out the "suggested features" on the adobe website. each new creative suite version they basically just add 2 or 3 more while charging businesses about half of their equity just to install.

More and more stuff is being made with Flash now. I think it's actually becoming more recognised rather than less.

.swf will be a standard file format soon enough!

so i think if they wanted to expand it into a Flex hybrid or similar as chris above said... they could :) anything to keep them in the game really.
....but theyd rather squuueeeeze the pennies out of us til we're all failed artists and penniless street sketchers.


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I'll still be using it in five years time for sure. It's very under-rated for vector illustration, I much prefer it to Illustrator.