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Will England beat Germany?


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I know many of you aren't bothered about football, but games don't get much bigger than this, for England at least, England Vs Germany at 3pm, think England can win it?

I'm predicting 2-1 to England in 90 minutes, first goal just past 30 minutes, then Germany get an equaliser just before half time, then a nervy start to the second half, and England grab a lucky goal around 73 minutes, followed by 17 minutes of defending and lucky escapes.


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I think England can win it...
Not sure if they will

Fingers crossed 'ey :D

lets just hope its a great game and rooney comes out of his shell :D


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Will we see another 5-1? Rooney coming alive in the World Cup as the World Class striker we keep getting told he is? If Carlsberg did England Vs Germany :)
Fingers crossed...it could go either way...

...but at the end of the day it's the team that scores most goals wins the game.*

*Billy Thompson aka Billy the Fish. Fulchester United 1996


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Greg said:
Will we see another 5-1?
Almost :clap:

Seriously did anyone really expect our overpriced pre-madonna's to win.

Sling in a load of the lower league players (some of which are damned good players) and watch how passionate they are compared with the players who earn more in a week than most people do in a year.
Straight back to their 70k a week day jobs.....they should be fined or give the fee to charity.

Maybe a public flogging....now that's entertainment.

Rooney first...lets see how tough he really is.


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Disappointment. The word that always seems to sum up England in major tournaments!

Typo said:
...they should be fined or give the fee to charity.
I think they get a much lower appearance fee than they do in their regular teams, and it all goes to charity.


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to be fair, they had already announced before the tournament that the players had decided that all bonuses and payments would go straight to charity.

(maybe that explains why they looked like they had no motivation to play well!)


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It really was a ridiculous showing from our players, and they were performing terribly. Could they be any slower as well? Did you see how easily Barry was beaten to the ball for their 4th goal?!

But it's alright Rooney, you can just moan at the fans for being 'disloyal' if they give you any grief despite them spending so much money to go over there.


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If I was paid to do something, or at least paid to try and do something to the best of my ability, and I got stroppy and performed poorly. I'd be sacked. Simple as.
Shocking defensive display, havent seen defence like that since playing FIFA. I mean what were they doing when Germany broke twice like that.

Big question now is should Capello stay or go?


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Haha, last time I played FIFA was FIFA '98, always remember Blur Song 2 on the soundtrack! :)

I think he should stay & get more of a say about the way football is run at younger development levels, if the FA ever gets the investment into the juniors! Read that Germany invests £20 million more than England into junior development, whilst £20 million is spent each year on debt repayments for the cost to build the new Wembley?!