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Wii - Goldeneye... need I say more



hmmm that might have to be bought :lol: :D i've got 2 guns already for zombie killing games on the Wii :D
It seems great and all but from what I have read about it just seems like a new Bond game just branded as Goldeneye to give it some hype and gain more interest than it probably would of.


Senior Member
The vid looked very goldeneye esque to me :) but either way, I think it just sold the wii to me, lets hope I can get a cheap one off a friend or something, though £90 pre-owned from Gamestation may just be cheap enough
N64 was some kind of evil, I remember afternoons in my mate's flat (when we should have been in college) playing the ocarina of time :x


Senior Member
I never got through the mission in the secured tech lab (it was one of the last few missions, just after the jungle mission) :(