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Why is Onartis banned?



I am very confused too.. i'll be honest... Maybe Soren will know if Greg doesnt :)


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doesn't look banned to me, just changed his avatar title, avatar image and signature? He either did it himself or Greg done it for a laugh as it was April Fools day yesterday.


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Although this is what really happened on msn... :whistle:
[ Split up the conversation for easy reading, but this all happened in a time span of about 15 minutes ]
Onartis: Help me out a bit :p
Onartis: Make a topic on DF and ask why I got banned :p
Tim: you got banned?
Tim: what?
Tim: what? why!?
Onartis: Nah it's an april fool's joke... but as I'm banned I shouldn't be able to make any topics
Tim: since when?
Onartis: So you need to make it for me :p
Tim: oh right okay [ I thought he finally figured out what was going on. ]
Tim: so the joke is you got banned? [ But then he said this xD ]
Onartis: No I made up the joke :p
Onartis: Check my avatar and stuff :)
Tim: lol kk [ This was where he definitely understood... took him long enough ]

Tim: are you hiding offline on DF?
Tim: nahh
Tim: go into the DF control panel
Tim: and "hide"
Onartis: ok can you see me?
Tim: narp
Onartis: narp? :p [ Seriously... double-u-tee-eff ]
Tim: you may wanna change the location or whatever/occupation to "User no longer available" or summit :D
Onartis: Dude you have way too many stupid words in your vocabulary :p
Tim: and OMG you HAVEN'T seen Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz?!
Tim: LOL :D

Tim: id laugh if their april fools is to actually block you now :D
Onartis: lol :p
Tim: "scumbag belgium" !!! LOL [ Little inside joke ]
Onartis: :p
Onartis: Say "Greg, I don't think this is a funny joke" :p
Tim: okay :D
Onartis: Onartis is really confused... lawl
Tim: :D
Onartis: Lol I don't think anyone cares :)
Tim: lol no-one's online
Onartis: I twittered to greg... probably should take him a week or three before he notices :p
Tim: lol i know

Onartis: Probably should've done this yesterday at midnight -.-
Tim: yarsh [ Counterpart of narp ]
Tim: will be fun when one of the three mods finds it and goes "AHHH WHAT?!! i never touched nuthin, officer, i swear i dint!"
Tim: not that they'll EVER do that.
Onartis: They'll probably immediately know that it's a joke... (unlike you :cough: )
Tim: lollllll

Tim: yeah, we should've probably egged greg's house, would've been a better joke
Onartis: lol no
Tim: would be hilarious tho
Tim: especially as he lives with his parents [ Seriously? ]
Onartis: Take 3 pigs and write 1, 2 and 4 on them
Tim: lol
Onartis: Release all three in greg's garden/backyard (british english?) and have him look for 4 pigs :D
Tim: :D
Tim: i do actually wanna do that one
Tim: read your tweeeet
Onartis: Totally gonna do that one next year :D
Tim: and no one believed me when i said someone got on a local train with a bomb, but it's true!!!!
Tim: why next year?! why not randomly?!
Onartis: lol it has to be a special occasion :p


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and thanks for that. xD Privacy breached... BAN HIM!!!

But then we went on to talk about South Park and illegal internet TV. Just to let you know, i guess...?

Oh and the counterpart of "narp" is "yarp"


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Good to see you guys are keeping busy!!!
Sorry for the delayed response, wish I had internet access on the 1st, could have banned both of you April Fools! :p

EDIT- I meant for April Fools... honest.


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If I were you, Greg, I'd have an anti-pig-installation on your house next year :mysterious-smiley-face:

(I know the batman looks kind of mysterious but I refuse to use that one :) )