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why hello there

Hi! I thought I'd take the advice of the nice little banner at the top of the page and post an introduction :)

I've been browsing round the forums for a little while and finally gotten around to registering,

Soooo, anyhow, my name's Becky (as my ever so inventive username seems to say), I'm 27 and a print production artist/designer at a newspaper. Luckily they let me play with websites/logos/posters/exhibition boards too, so there's some variety!

I'm currently trying to get into freelancing as well as trying to learn WordPress theming and CSS, as I've just completed an HNC in graphic design.

I have a temporary website up on my url, (I shouldn't admit this, but I did it in a couple of hours before the end-of-year art show, oops!), I do keep my DeviantArt page a bit more up to date though :)

I have a slightly strange addiction to type, well I say strange... I think it's completely normal to take photos of nice type and look at the fonts used in everyday life ... my friends think it's a bit weird!

Anyhow, that's enough inane babble from me!



Active Member
Hi Becky,

Welcome to DF! and thanks for posting an introduction :)

Just had a quick look at some of your work, and really like the Design Odyssey advertising project, looks excellent. Hope you find the forums useful, and don't worry I think we have a few type addicts here :D



Senior Member
Welcome, there's nothing wrong with an addiction to type.

If it's serious you can join my Typography support group, we meet for one weekend a month and go along to bigger meetings when we are called up. It's called Typographers Anonymous, or the "TA" for short.