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Why do I feel so unhappy?

I've got a job and move into my new house on Friday but why do I still feel so unhappy? Everything just seems rubbish at the moment, I feel so lonely and this is the only place where I really get to speak to people. Sad I know but I just wish I was happy again :(

I wish I could just jet off and get away from everything and forget about everything. Sleep was the only place I could stop thinking about stuff but even that is out the window!..I wake up at 20 minute intervals a night just thinking and I just dont know whats happening...what should I do? Where should I go?...I a debating to go and see a doctor..

I apologise in advance for making the forum morale so low..


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Go to the doctor mate, I had that a couple of months ago, went to the doctors and then saw a psychiatrist, got diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety, was off work for 7 weeks, and referred to see a Psycologist each week and have been since, slowly getting better!

Mines more than just you mentioned though, i've always had trouble with sleep and suffer from severe night terrors.

Go to the docs and explain everything, see what they say


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glenwheeler said:
I've got a job and move into my new house on Friday but why do I still feel so unhappy? Everything just seems rubbish at the moment, I feel so lonely and this is the only place where I really get to speak to people. Sad I know but I just wish I was happy again :(
same here glen :(

(except moving house)
Hey Glen,

Try not to worry about it. You've been through a rough couple of weeks, so it's only natural that you'll be feeling low for a while. Unfortunately it's something you just have to ride out, but it'll feel so good when you do, and you'll have a better perspective on things, too. If it's really interfering with your sleep though, I'd definitely go to the doctor. I went through a similar thing and a couple of visits to a psychologist really helped me.

Hang in there :)


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Glen have you thought about joining any of the local clubs.

It's been a long time (got to be 15+ years) since I did martial arts but I would say that doing something along that line would do you a world of good as its social, it will get you fit and it will (if taught properly) help with mental attitude/strength/control (it helped me a lot in regards to elements of my dyslexia) - I never bowed down to peer pressure while at school due to the years I spent doing martial arts, it was a simple (and still is) if I want to do it I will.

Other than the above suggestion I can't really help with the being on your own as (strangely) I'm quite happy being that way, if anything I probably seek it out.

I'd also bet you money if you go to the doctor you will get given some, what I call, happy pills (prozac is its proper name) as thats what an ex of mine was on due to some stress etc.


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I was going to say something similar to Levi, I have always found that no matter how bad things seem to me, a long assed bike ride with my ipod seems to solve all my problems.

I know it sounds simple, but the combination of being out in the sun (hopefully), lost in the current favourite record (chuck ragan - gold country) gives me a strange sense of clarity on things.

I am not in the best of times at the moment, waiting on a big payoff that covers my rent for the next year, but job is taking way longer than thought, so can't quit rubbish job till that is sorted, so currently working 60ish hours a week to cover rent and try and keep the design work flowing, my relationship with my girlfriend is degenerating around me. My housemate is out of work and being a pain, as she is around alot and getting in the way of me working.

The only thing that is actually bothering me right now is that my cat needs to go to the vet. This is actually worrying as he has been sick twice a day since friday night. Internet thinks he's constipated, but if its more serious I can't afford to do anything about it, that terrifies me.

But still I had a great night tonight, BBQ, guitar hero and I am going out on my bike tomorrow to explore Cardiff Bay to Penarth to Sully. This makes me very happy, I need to be back in time for the vets tomorrow at 5.30.

Seriously now Glen, when things seem bad, the slightest and simplest things can make the world seem better.


I would say the same sort of thing but with feeling down and not knowing why, I found that talking it out with people helps, and if not that then definitely talking it out with a therapist of sorts or a counsellor, some are even on the NHS. Also sometimes a damn good cry helps to get all the emotion out of the system..

chin up old mate :)

This is the reason why a DF meetup would be good too .. helping each other :)
I know this is a lame idea, but when i feel lonely i always watch something funny on tv. "Friends" has always always cheered me up without fail, becuase they seem to have all the same problems that i am having at the time, and yet a joke is always made out of them so i feel like my troubles aren't so bad.

Defo go and see a doctor if you can't sleep. Lack of sleep makes me feel even more depressed. I think its the time of year as well. The sun is gradually disappearing, its getting darker earlier and colder. :(. In fact i feel pretty sad at the moment too :(

Hope you feel better soon :)

it's hard to make new genuine friends but you should grab a drink with berry. If you are feeling lonely, try and go out and be more open to yourself. Sport activities are very good, remember ......................not doing anything while lonely is even worse.
so glen get out there and ****ing " DO SOMETHING"..................i mean something positive ok!:clap:
Berry said:
Glen, you know my company, and my phone number, give me a ring tommorow, and we'll have a beer tommorow night.
Hi Guys,

I have just got home from work and seen the messages. I would love to meet up sometime Berry, that would be great. I love doing sports but at the moment I am all over the place and until i settle into my house on Friday I cant do anything. I am looking to join a football team as I am quite a good player. I've played for Middlesbrough FC and Darlington FC so I guess I could get in somewhere. As i said, everything is all over at the moment and until I can sort things then I cannot do a thing.

I have an interview tomorrow for a web company in Gateshead. So hopefully something might come from that.


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Gym or badminton clubs are good and you get the endorphins as well, which will put a smile on your face!
Or go round your local pubs/bars see if there are any part time jobs going, working in a bar is awesome and you'll meet loadsa new people!

personally i would avoid seeing the doctor as IMO only you can change things and although seeing the doctor may be a quick fix, in the long run the best thing is to get out there and meet some new people and have some good old fashioned fun!!!


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i kinda get that a lot too, Glen. You may feel like you should be happy, but there's generally something at the root of it all - something as simple as being lonely, the overbearing weight of nothingness can turn the littlest of things into something all bleh (for want of a better word), so i agree with Chris in that you'll probably benefit from just having a good lengthy chat with someone - maybe that drink with Berry, eh :)


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Look on the bright side, if you go for a drink with Berry, if he likes you, you could be on for a great night, failing that, you could make a nice meal for the Beast....
Am not a bad cook to be fair, I do a decent curry!..I just wanted to get things sorted in Newcastle, get everything moved in and then get settled down, I have so much on my plate at the moment. I could do an endless list that needs sorting out.


mrp2049 said:
Look on the bright side, if you go for a drink with Berry, if he likes you, you could be on for a great night, failing that, you could make a nice meal for the Beast....
The Beast would eat him up in one bite :p :lol:


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If I didnt do the physical things I've always done, Bike riding, kayaking, kiting - anything that gets me out of the house into the outside world and keeps the adrenilin flowing im positive i'd be a complete wreck. If I dont do something like this every few days I begin to feel depressed and lifeless.

I urge EVERYONE to find something active to do in their life.