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Why are ppl so stupid? Any stupid experiances to share?


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Right I just went to KFC as I needed a protein hit after the gym. So I went in and said I want the £9.99 10 piece mega bucket, but no chips, as they are carbs and hence bad food.

"O no you can't change the order" came the reply, "You will have to buy them separately, so that will be 3 pieces at £4.48 x 4 so £17.92."

N I was like "Are you honestly being serious?, so if I don't want 4 packs of chips I have to pay an extra £7.93 even though that's almost twice the cost of the mega bucket?"

N honest to god she just looked at me like I was the moron why I found this hard to believe. I mean I was saying I will pay more for less food right?

So I was like I tell you what I'll buy the £9.99 bucket and just throw the chips away right, and save my self £7.93. So anyway I'm still struggling to get my head round why this is so hard to achieve right, again I'm willing to buy their product for more than what it's advertised for as they are getting the chips for free.

She then, OMG I could have launched my self over the counter and actually hit her at what came out of her mouth next, "Okay but there will be a 5 min wait for the chips." I mean come-on I didn't even want them in the first place. :mad:
Then she gave me 5 bags of chips, not 4 that was meant to come with it all of which have gone in the bin, as I told her.

Now how come ppl just cant react to something in a common sense approach when it doesn't conform to the norm.

Right okay it's only chips but I was still willing to pay more for a product than it's advertised price right, money in hand, so the business in this case wins hands down, more product to then sell to other customers and no loss of money.

However not only did I have to wait but then she gives me more than I wanted, or what was even offered in the first place, so in the end they had 1 pissed off customer who had to wait when it was not needed after cueing up, and lost money by giving away more chips and TBH 11 pieces of chicken not even 10 as well.

So honest to god what other stupid things have ppl come across, when trying to spend money, or whatever?

But this has proved 1 thing to me some ppl are born to work at fast food places. :)

wait... she works in KFC and speaks English? :eek: However, not shocking service to be honest, I have sort of come to expect it in our local fast food establishments ('specially as a local one just got busted for employing illegal immigrants :x)


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yeah fast food staff aren't always the most intelligent people going.

I went into a McD's with a mate at uni and he ended up getting his food for free, the change from the person before him and then the change for his without handing any money over :)


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Jazajay you always go to 110% effort when you reply to peoples posts, so here is my tribute, in the form of a reply a la Jaz....

Jazajay said:
Right I just went to KFC as I needed a protein hit after the gym. So I went in and said I want the £9.99 10 piece mega bucket, but no chips, as they are carbs and hence bad food.
KFC for protein and no carbs?! I'm a big fan of KFC but never try and cover the guilt with a sentence like that!! If you logon to the KFC nutrition website available at Nutrition. KFC are committed to helping you maintain a balanced and healthy diet - KFC.co.uk

You will notice the following;

KEY: Protein / Carbs / Fat

Original Recipe Chicken Breast - 33.3g / 8.5g / 13.1g
Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick - 12.5g / 8.1g / 8.9g
Original Recipe Chicken Thigh - 15.5g / 8.7g / 13.5g
Original Recipe Chicken Wing - 15.0g / 6.6g / 7.0g

So taking an average 10 piece bucket of chicken, if we safely assume that the average KFC attendant adds;

4 x Chicken Thigh
2 x Chicken Breast
2 x Chicken Drumstick
2 x Chicken Wing

We can calculate your intake from the bucket to approximately be as follows;

(15.5g x 4) 62g +
(33.3g x 2) 66.6g +
(15.5g x 2) 31.0g +
(15.0g x 2) 30.0g = 189.6g Protein

(8.5 x 4) 34g +
(8.1g x 2) 16.2g +
(8.7g x 2) 17.4g +
(15.0g x 2) 30.0g = 97.6 Carbs

(13.1g x 4) 52.4g +
(8.9g x 2) 17.8g +
(13.5 x 2) 27g +
(7.0 x 2) 14g = 111.2 Fat

God I'm getting hungry.

So whilst you was wise to leave the 5 bags of chips behind, I would take reflection on your consumption of 97.6g of carbs and 111.2g's of fat this evening.

Perhaps in hindsight a hot chicken from the deli counter of Tesco, Asda or your leading local supermarket may have given you a better balance of protein <> carbs/fat.

I would also like to flag up your comments about your local KFC waitress, being that these forums are in the online realm and public may I add, the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act holds some relevance here;

If I may quote Section 5(3a);
Subject to subsection (5), for the purposes of subsection (1) treatment is justified if, but only if, the reason for it is both material to the circumstances of the particular case and substantial.
I do not feel that the circumstance surrounding your need for a post-workout "protein boost" give you the grounds for treatment of this member of the good Colonel in an online environment, to which he/she may not be able to respond in the correct manner.

In future I may advise that you take up such staffing issues with the Colonel Jazzajay himself, in writing.

Shame on you Jaz, Shame on you!!


KEY: Protein / Carbs / Fat


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I had the same thing when I wanted an On Offer Burger King double bacon cheeseburger for £1.49 or something. I said I didn't like cheese so could I have it without Cheese. After confusing Tracy with this request of a sentence consisting of more than 3 sylables, her brain decided to link to her mouth and she said ," so you want a double bacon cheeseburger without the cheese?" Durrrr yes!
'Er..We don't do double baconburgers" we do a double burger or an eggburger.....
As i started to go green I asked, can't you just not put the cheese in?"
She replied, 'then it wouldn't be a double bacon cheeseburger then.' with that yoof pout an stance that made me want to bite her head off and play football with.

I asked to see her manager.- Glen came... along with his zits and his IQ of a mexican bean
I explained it all again while Tracy gazed into Glens eyes. Glen kept staring at the menu above his head as if the answer was on there. I snapped and said" for Christ sake tell the fooking pimply chef not to put a fooking peiece of cheese in the fooker!"
I got my double bacon cheeseburger without the cheese. And why the fook when you open these things up are they half the depth of the picture and look as tasty as dogs dick with herpes?
I love fast food places me.....


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Berry said:
And why the fook when you open these things up are they half the depth of the picture and look as tasty as dogs dick with herpes?
Because advertising agencies make them look more appealing, SELL, SELL, SELL!
Check out this link with comparison shots - Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

Berry said:
Totally KF3C valid
Damn it, I missed the killer punchline!
Now you'll take all the glory, that's directors for you eh?!


LOL .. thats a long ass post from you Greg.. you've taken a leaf out of Jaz's book to write a tomb of text LOL :)


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KFC in Brighton is awesome, there's this girl there who is undoubtably one of the hottest women I have seen in my life! and I've seen some hotties!

I feel like I should go in there and save her or something... Richard gere pretty woman kinda thing lol
hot girls shouldn't be working in KFC!

Oh and bargain buckets are awesome!
I realllllllllly want a salsa toasted twister now :( Good job there's no fast food places near my house :D

now I don't thanks after reading about the spitting lol :p


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xxmissbirdyxx said:
Well it is! And it doesnt help when you meet a friends gf who works in kfc and she says she spat in someones food cause they pissed her off! Sick!
urgh, i hope she felt the back of your hand for that.. it's your duty to society! :p