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Why are popular social networks so “popular”?


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Hi all, I’ve got some puzzling questions I can't answer, and I've been wondering if you have some ideas about them. To start with: why are social networks like Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more popular every day? Most firms feel the need to have their own page in one or more of them. “Follow us on…” is everywhere and I don’t really understand why.

Couldn’t they just let their visitors follow them on their own site instead of redirecting them to a social network (which is someone else’s site after all..)? Am I missing something there?? Please help.


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social networking sites are easy to digest by all readers. grab out your phone and i can pretty much guarantee you that you have the ability to quickly access Facebook and twitter.

it therefore makes sense to advertise on these networks.

and just like in real life, people like babbling. but twitter gives you a chance to a friendship group or tens or hundreds of people about things you wouldn't pass around in quick conversation.

Facebook and twitter are also seen as trendy. so if your friend shares a web page they've found via Facebook, you could have a few hundred people suddenly grabbing hold of your website too.
Simply, you advertise in the place where your clients and prospective clients are most exposed to.

A lot of people are on these sites regardless of profession, keeping your name in the forefront of their mind in their news feeds, is an easy and cheaper form of advertising/marketing. Although, simply having a facebook account or twitter for your business isn't enough, you have to use it effectively.


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People are learning to like being constantly drip-fed pointless (and not so pointless) information via a few constantly visited sites/apps. Why use my iPhone to visit 10 websites when I can have the same info fed to me via the feeding tube known as my twitter app?

Short answer, they cater for laziness and information gluttony.


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How about avoiding the “Follow us on…” phrase and put it like this instead
“Follow us on our website’s blog and/or forum”. Plus in every page of our site we
can place a button for every famous bookmark, or just say “Add us to your social
bookmarks. Does it make sense?

Please don’t tell me that I’m polemic :D