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Who would you hate being stuck in a lift with?


Staff member
charles said:
- Vanessa Feltz
- Kelly Osborne
- Timberlake

to name a few
Kelly Osborne - why, I quite like her and wouldn't mind being stuck in a lift with her :confused:
The other two, they're fine :)


Anyone who has ever been on Big Brother will make me want to stab them after being stuck in a lift with them for 10 minutes..

Oh and on the subject of Jordan (or Katie Price) met her she's as thick as a post.. I met her when I worked for FHM :p


I think it would be a bit disconcerting to be in a lift with Paul Daniels... it would be like sharing it with a gnome :eek:


Senior Member
Greg said:
I guess the one advantage is that you could ask him to impress you with his magic skills and disappear!!
I reckon the guy would have some awesome stories to tell! Lets face facts, for a troll he nailed Debbie McGee!

I would hate to be stuck in a lift with Jade Goody (cue bad jokes), she always seemed like the lights were on but who ever was supposed to be home had long since moved out and not even considered coming back!


LOL @ Mike...

I was going to say that too.. but decided against it incase of reprisal :p :lol: