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who like football


Senior Member
Levi said:
:rolleyes: oh well never mind :p
Typo said:
None really...although Newcastle Utd are the local team.
chrismitchell said:
nope don't care about football personally...
halfbuiltrobot said:
Sorry not a fan either........If they played with the ball on fire, that might possibly make it more exciting?
^ I'd watch that

BenJonesDesign said:
used to support Arsenal back when I cared, and now I could fine plenty of other things better to do with 90 minutes, like sleep
Seriously? This is a UK forum and none of you like football? Anti-stereotype? Hipsters?

I don't like it either though... But Belgium just kinda sucks at the sport, even though they won't admit it :D
(we're trying to get host for the next championship because there's no way in hell we can qualify based on skill)


Staff member
Kevin said:
Seriously? This is a UK forum and none of you like football? Anti-stereotype? Hipsters?
Have you seen the state of English football... 90% of the teams are nearly made up of foreigners and there's no point supporting the English team as they're all overpaid so can't perform lol

Besides my local Premiership team is Norwich (I think they're back in prem lol) and well they're basically run by Delia Smith, a cook who does this

I'd rather watch red bull extreme sport events or similar
hahaa. It's one thing that has always made tennis hilarious to watch, the whole woman grunting in what seems to be a sexually explicit manor.... and then there's kournikova, need I say more


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Newcastle and England but don't follow it because I don't actually care. If I'm watching football it's because I happen to be in the pub at the same time it's on.