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Who has a tagline for their business?

allyally2k said:
But If it comes up on google then it would be already taken... or is that your point if it's good it should be gone?!
Think you've just sumed that one up yourself Ally:up: If the tag line is good then it should be their on google! I'd go ahead with what your thinking in my opinion..


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What I mean is
If you google "your" tagline, and someone else has it,
then it's being used and you can evaluate whether you should use it or not (if a vet in australia has the same tagline, it's not that important)

However if it doesn't show in google when you search for it, I would personally feel it is free-game as the original persons tagline is not being used efficiently or remotely well or no one has it.


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I didn't mean to sound like the tagline wasn't very good, I meant if it was already taken then it hasn't been used effectively so I would personally feel comfortable using it.


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do you mean tagline as in a descriptive one for the type of business or do you mean a tagline like nike just do it?

I'm going to have a descriptive one I think (SEO benefits iirc :p) if I can come up with a way to make it look right with my design


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Depending how the tagline is used levi a non-descriptive one can surely be good for SEO?

Or at least what Jazajay was talking about with information scent, giving someone something on a site (in this instance google) to differentiate where they want to go from another place of similar attributes and hence giving them an easier method of finding what they want to...

and if they remember you tagline and not your company name... well :)
ok i'll stick with what i've got then, as it sums up what i offer and there is also room to expand... yeah hopefully my site will be up soon, well the final, final one - as i keep changing it the more i learn!


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Renniks said:
Depending how the tagline is used levi a non-descriptive one can surely be good for SEO?
It's only good if people know it. Take alien for example, would you have known the tagline "in space no one can hear you scream" related to a movie about an alien that sucks on your face etc without the advertising that went with it.

Would you have associated 'just do it' with nike without the advertising campaign.

It's all very good having something that is different for google etc but you first have to know it to search for it :)
I think Levi pointed out a good "Slogan" in his post when someone says "Just Do It" you immediatly think Nike! (Unless you getting a right telling off, off your mother!) Having a good tag line is very very useful, and again is great for SEO.

I think shorter slogans/taglines are better as they a remember easier.
well i wouldn't say it's not worth having, because like with anything it has to start somewhere. It prob won't harm anything unless it's really stupid and obscure!


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Yeh :)
and if they didn't market it as well as they did, no-one would still...

Obviously for your slogan/tagline you aren't going to market it in the same way, but it being on business cards / letterheads etc. will help :)

Even signatures on forums etc.


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Hay up peeps.
A good tag line follows good conventions.
# Shouldn't be more than 8 words as it is too long and ppl wont read it,
# Ideally 5 words is best,
# Descriptive not fansical, if thats a word,
# Under the logo.

You can buy books that have 50 odd pages dedicated to them, I know. :(

Lets make an example.
Lets say your a graphical designer in Bedworth, okay stay with me here.

I'm a client looking for you guessed it a Graphical designer in Bedworth or nearby.

So I go onto your site and the first thing I see under your logo is your tag line while the rest of the page is loading, or at least I should, what do you think the best tag line for me would be to know you where possibily the right person for me?
Something like Design is what you make it?
Or perhaps Graphical designer based in Bedworth?

Now take into account that if you are a graphical designer in Bedworth your sites information scent, branding, whatever should all match up.

So your title element says?
Yep you guessed it
Your name ~ graphical designer based in Bedworth,
Good for the Search Engines good for ppl coming off the SERPs, as they know what you are.

You tag line says Graphical designer based in Bedworth, and your text says stuff about graphical design and bedworth, your links pointing to your site contain the words graphical designer based in Bedworth, and well TBH those clients are going to know that you are sheep farmer in Scottland, hold on where am I going with that. :confused:

Anyhoo yeah the Search Engines, more than 1 ppl, Hoovers not the only brand of vacum cleaner available, will get that idea as well so makes your life easier with them, which is a nice side effect of the fact that you are a graphcial designer based in Bedworth. :)

Now same example but this time you go with
Design is the future rolled into the past, or something else that doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever.

Your tag line, title element, text and links all pointing to your site say that, what do you think my impression, I could be a search engine or a user is?
Do I clearly know you are based in Bedworth and do the work I am looking for?

So make it something logical, don't worry if you are the only one with it, make it for your users or clients and TBH you will reep the benefits.

Always think how will this benefit the user?
Not how will this confuse the living hell out of them?
The average time a user spends on any web page is 10 seconds, 54% of your users will only visit 2 pages before they give up and leave, average bounce rate is around 6%, 3% for an ecommerce site, so you therefore want to maximise that small time, making them think about illogical terms is not doing that. :)