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Which Web Design Company


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Hey all,

Just wanted to post a thread to see if anyone else is listed on Which Web Design Company? I've been on there from the early days a few years back when it launched, and really like the idea of the site, but I've never received any enquiries/work from being listed, just wondered if anyone else has?



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I always find sites like that too coperate lead - I ticked one box for a UK search. I chose logo's as thats the first thing I'd normally look at in a portfolio, you can tell instantly what standard of work is from a logo design (imo).....

anyways, my search listed these guys as top:
Dolphin Promotions SEO and Web Design Portfolio

Don't know about you but I think there portfolio is weak and boring - borderline amature.
I would guess 99% of users on this website can produce equal or better work.

reminds me of all those web award things flying around a few years back, was impossible not to be accepted for one just for advertising' sake.


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Thanks for the reply Brendan, got to say I think this is the only site of that nature that I'm a member of/listed on.

Agree with your comments about the site, as the search function automatically orders the listings by the 'WWDC' rank it can easily be swayed with the reviews system. Perhaps that's why my listing has never got any interest as my reviews from clients have always been 100% genuine, even if that means it isn't 5 stars across all the criteria, like some of the companies seem to have on there!