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which ipods do you have?


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i know, another apple thread, but im intrigued as all i hear off the blokes here is "ipod classic" and "iphone" but no nanos ...

i have:

shuffle 4GB (3gen)
shuffle 1GB (2gen)
iphone 3gs 16GB
ipod nano 8GB (4gen)


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Had 2 shuffles, got a 16Gb iPhone and an 8Gb nano. Owning more than one iPod is a bit silly as you can only ever use one at once haha.


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i do... i keep my quick tunes (the ones i love the most) on my shuffles, and a larger selection of my archive on my iphone with movies/tv shows, etc.


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nano 4gb first gen, black housing/light grey touch wheel as changed orig white housing,
and a nano 4gb 3rd gen in a horrible coral green colour
4GB 1st gen ipod mini, in pink (well, 3 of them, apple replaced it twice - for free :D)
4GB 2nd gen ipod nano .... in pink

I'm 150% buying a 5th gen ipod nano in purple for myself soonish :p
I have somewhere a 2GB 2nd gen iPod shuffle and I did have a 4GB 2nd gen iPod nano which I wan in one of those iPod/itunes competition like two years ago but gave it to my niece lol.

I only use my shuffle in the gym - I can't walk down the street listening to music :s lol
I love mine for when I'm walking my dogs.... but ever since the gym got a bunch of nifty new machines with TVs in each of the stations I tend to watch those instead of having my ipod on ><


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Iphone 3GS 16gb - General use & gym
Ipod Classic Video 60gb - Use in car
2 * Ipod Shuffle 2G 2gb Use on beach while kiting, 1 is a backup and diff selection of music and also incase battery runs out at events!
Old ipod mini - original, now lays around usually.


Senior Member
I've got a 1st gen Nano which no longer works and a 3G-S iPhone. Considering getting a shuffle for when I'm out on my bike or snowboarding.
why would you have so much ipods? The only reasonable combination is two, one small one (shuffle/nano) for jogging and a big one (8gb-32gb touch or classic).
Over time I've had the original Firewire 5gb iPod. 2nd gen ipod 20gb.
3rd gen 30gb with buttons. 30gb iPod Photo. 40gb iPod video. 80gb iPod Classic.
2gb 1st gen nano. 1gb stick shuffle. 8gb Touch and 1st gen iPhone.

Now I have a 160gb Black classic and a 8gb 3gen nano.

and I'm eyeing up the 16gb iPod Touch.

Yes I'm a tad iPod crazy.