Which font is used on the instagram logo??


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Hello members! I want to make a logo. I like the font of Instagram's logo. But don’t know which font they use the logo. Can anyone tell me the font’s name?
Any contribution would be very grateful.
Thank you.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Hello Paul, Thanks for the reply. It’s absolutely perfect font. But I have a little confusion that how can I get this font and how to add this to my logo? Can you help me?
You can't, it's not a font that you can install, it was all hand-drawn by the designer. Even if it was available as a font, you wouldn't legally be allowed to use it for a logo because Instagram own the rights to it and they would be able to sue you for using it.

If you want a script-font you can use, try here – https://fonts.google.com/?category=Handwriting