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which design is better?

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by bahare, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. bahare

    bahare New Member

    hi all,
    I made two layout for a website (it's about web design and programming)
    my main problem is about colors!
    which is better?
    thanks for any advice!

    NUMBER 1:

    Number 2:
  2. Jase Wolf

    Jase Wolf New Member

    Well right now I will say number one because that's the one I can see.

    Though the layout yes I think is nice, a header, then a nav bar, then the content then the footer. Personally I'm not fond of the bar above the footer, but the colours all go nicely together, and it's kind of the same logic to my site, it's basic, but simple and good looking.

    (ignore the basicness of the homepage, that'll soon get improved lol)

    Though I will be updating it a little having instead a slide out side menu like I've done in these sites I'm doing for my friend and for my gaming community I'm part of.

    Screenshot_20160831-182248.png Screenshot_20160908-054559.png

    You've got the right idea of a nice looking site.
  3. bahare

    bahare New Member

    thanks jase, you helped me alot!
    also your both websites are really cool!
    Jase Wolf likes this.

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