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Where your Apple tax goes


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Greg said:
I felt the need to resurrect this thread (single post by me) if nothing else I'm sure Levi will like it :)
personally I think some of the percentages are off, the fanboy fee should be much larger :p

Tom Sound

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I don't think Big Jobs has spent any wardrobe expenses since then either.

click play, for the full saddening effect then read below....

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIuotFZnBtk"]YouTube - Sad Violin[/ame]

I can't believe no one replied to your thread in two years so you had to revive it yourself Greg.

It's like it's been sitting in the corner of the playground with a conker on a string all on it's own, all this time...

sigh..... :(


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Tip of the preverbial iceburg Tom, there was a day when it was just me talking to myself, many threads un-answered, not a lot has changed, some people stop by and talk to each other around me, I'm just here on my little rocking chair on the DF porch watching the traffic go by.

Maybe it's time to dig up some more vintage/unanswered threads! :D