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Where to start?

Hi guys and hope you are well!

I am a lover of art, design and PC work so I have decided to look in to logo design and flyers etc, now I have done it before but never took a course or anything. I have all the cs6 suite and would like to know the best software for say logo design, the best software for leaflet layouts or is there one for all this you would suggest? I know as a logo a vector image is better which would suggest illustrator but any advice I would be grateful!
I suggest you get some paper and a pencil first. Good design is about ideas not software. Once you've got to grips with being creative you can convert those amazing ideas into vector form using Illustrator. Best of luck.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Same as above, sketch ideas out on paper first. If they work as a crappy scamp they'll work as a fully realised designs.

To answer your question.
  • Illustrator for logos and vector (scalable graphics).
  • InDesign for layouts and text-heavy work.
  • Photoshop for photo manipulation and adjustments (or web/app design if you're a sucker for punishment).
  • Fireworks for web/screen layouts.