Where to find royalty free vector graphics?

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We have recently launched a new design and web resource site. Our site is a resource for designers, individuals, and small businesses that are looking for long-term affordable access to royalty-free print and web design templates. We have a growing selection of self-made high quality editable resources that we offer as commercial licensed freebies. Templates are available in a variety of formats, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

With your help we can continue to grow sorbamedia.com and we will be thankful to any person(s) that stop by to check our site out.

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I'm new here. Hello!

The best free icon site I know is flaticon.com. They only ask you to credit them somewhere. Lots of good stuff on here, I've used them many times.
Here's another site for vector graphics... nothing outstanding, but good quantity, and sometimes you'll find a simple shape/object that's a good starting point for other things...