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Where can I download this font ?


Senior Member

So I've use the wantthefont on myfonts.com to find a font I like... Now I've serached the internet brifely to look for the font but results so far aren't too good.

Is there a ' global ' place where I can find fonts, in particular this one :

Square 45-Thin MyFonts

Thank You !
My Fonts lets you download the font

Square 45-Thin MyFonts

However it's a paid-for font so you'd have to buy it. Much like on
Veer: Products: Type
FontFont Typeface Library by FSI FontShop International

any many other sites. They all have a select of freebie fonts, alongside their paid for catalogues.

Otherwise you're looking at places such as
Free Fonts - Free Font Download - Cool Fonts
Abstract Fonts - 13,052 Free Fonts

You may be able to find it via illegitimate sources, but that's naughty!