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Whats Your Setup?


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Blatantly ripped off from - *cough* - I mean inspired by glenwheeler's thread about his new working area, I thought I'd throw the whole topic open for everyone else to share what their working space looks like!

Mine is pretty compact and almost vertical. It works though.



I'll be honest Jim :) I work from my bed or a laptop table thing in my living room :p :lol: but at the office its a different story :p :lol:
lol@beer... I keep beer firmly away from my desk after destroying 2 G15 keyboards with the stuff :\

I'll have to tidy my desk so I can take a picture :D


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My system sits on the end of a long dinner table and shares it with another PC belonging to my apartment mate. The glass is empty, but honestly I was just having some cherry coke cola:D And sorry for the glaring screen, probably a combination of lighting and the camera in my Blackberry. But it is on DF.:D


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Shame on me, I spotted not that thread! T'is just over 2 months quiet but still. Of course, this thread is obviously surplus to requirements. Go ahead.


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my friend had a snake about 2 years ago, but he forgot to feed it for like 6 months.

dead snakes no look so good.