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What's your favourite browser?


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I dare say some answers will be more predictable than others, but I thought I'd ask the question! I don't recall seeing it anywhere.

When I used a PC (pre-2008) I mainly used Firefox.
Since switching to Mac I mainly used Safari. But I've discovered it gets clunky when playing videos on MTV-owned websites like GameTrailers.com, and used to very occasionally not play with the HSBC website... so I tried Google Chrome and like it muchly. Until it stopped keeping me logged into forums!

Now let's add some diversity. I've used Opera, but not on a PC or Mac, I've used it on my Wii. It's forking horrible! The end. I've also used whatever browser Sony have running on their PS3. It's also pretty slow but not as bad, although their iPlayer and 4OD apps seem not to work at all right now.

Anyway, I'm using Firefox 4 at the mo, with a couple of add-ons to add some features I liked in Chrome (searching in the address bar, downloads in the status bar). If I could get those tabs way up into the title bar I'd be happy!

Here's a picture.
Chrome because it syncs well and I use Google stuff plus I've found the 'warn before quitting' quite useful. ICS+ on my phone.

Does anybody still use ie?


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firefox primarily although since v9 it's been a tad laggy due to a plugin or coding or something... (seems to work better after disabling it using core 1 strangely)

not keen on chrome, do have opera, safari and ie 9 though just in case I need them.


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Good news!

I've finally fixed Chrome by ticking the option to remove all cookies on exit, quitting, restarting, un-ticking the option again.

Now Chrome remembers my auto-logins again I'm back to using it. Speedy, speedy!


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I use Chrome... and rarely Opera. They're both amazing browsers. Since I uninstalled Internet Explorer from my computer, preloading programs on the boot is now faster -- it's true !


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I use chrome although the pointer bug is really anoying and also I think firebug is better/more helpful than chromes developer tools.

Have to say when i was experimenting with animating size in browser, chrome stood out as being more fluid and actually doing what you expect.


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Firefox works well on almost everything, I've got the other browsers on hand for the rare occasion when it doesn't. Opera works well on Android.


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Does anyone know why Google Chrome sometimes just... stops? You open a new tab and hit a link or address and the little loading ring just rotates... and rotates... and rotates... There's nothing wrong with the internet, or the Mac, but Chrome just decides to have a siesta. No such issue with Firefox.