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Whats this?


Senior Member
I need to create this kind of flowery wallpaper motif but I’m struggling a little. I created the image below in Illustrator and it’s essentially what I need but it just doesn’t have the flow and as time is running short I’m after a stock image of similar effect but the trouble is I don’t know what the style is called (I assumed floral art deco) so I can search for it. Any ideas?

Is this to be a repeat pattern? If so it's pretty easy to do. It looks like it needs to be much tighter!

Just search for a floral vector and tile it. I've done these before and have loads of vectors to hand. If you're against the clock and you want me to knock something up PM me.

(The filesize is pretty big btw!)


Staff member
If you search on the web for "illustrator, floral, brush) you should get a lot of reference and also some free brush sets to create that kind of look.
I think the proper term for it is "vine work".

I did a quick look and here's a tattoo I did for the wife's foot using the same thing and some of the brushes are on the right.



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