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What's the going hour rate for a graphic designer?

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Hi All,

Just thought i'd ask as the £40 i was offering for a project was not enough according to the moderator who ended my thread.

I had a set 5 very basic icons that need optimizing for the web.

I wanted a set of 5 icons in blue and a set of 5 identical icons in grey, I also wanted a set of the 5 blue icons placed inside a house outline icon.

Now... i'm not a mathematician but i'd expect an "expert" to achieve this within an hour, therefor £40 hour would seem very reasonable to me.

So next time, do i visit a forum for mini driver of stick with the forum for Ferrari drivers?


PS. I had two offers with 3 hours of my post and a the project has now been completed satisfactorily and on budget.


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When you say "mini driver"... do you mean a really small driver, like a midget?
... or someone to drive a a Mini?
I'm 6'4" so I guess that rules me out as the first one but I did used to own a Mini so I might be able to help you out with the latter.

If so just PM me and we can talk rates.


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I closed your thread for a reason. The reason being we do not allow people to set their own rates for other peoples work.

It's like asking a bricklayer to do you a wall. And then you tell him it's £40 an hour? Or if you visit a GP, do you pay £50 for the 5 minutes, or do you pay one twelfth of that?

No - the designers tell you their rate, how long it takes, and how much it is. Not the other way around.

You're welcome to ask for pricing and get contacted. I never deleted your last thread, people were still able to contact you - and the work was done.

But we don't allow prices to be advertised on the forums that are considered to be too low. I've 19 years in design and I know how long it takes to create a set of icons. And 1 hour is not enough for a professional finish and to provide all the formats you require for print/web and other.

We are all professionals here, and we deserve to be paid fairly for our work.

Kind regards
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