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What's happening in 2010?


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I'm putting together a year planner poster type thing and want to stick some cool events on there.
At the moment I've got things like:
- D&AD entry deadlines/winners announcements.
- Roses awards dates etc.
- World cup start/final dates
- Glastonbury dates
All ideas welcome...


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It's aimed at us - people like you and me!

I want to put cool things on there that are going to be important to folks in the design industries - award dates, competitions, films, culture, art, fashion..... anything - all suggestions welcome.

If you think it's cool then that's good enough for me!


Sorry Darren, this forum has a habit of going off-topic :p but it eventually goes back.. just takes a few pages to do so :)
chrismitchell said:
Sorry Darren, this forum has a habit of going off-topic :p but it eventually goes back.. just takes a few pages to do so :)

One melon, a bunch of grapes, apple, oranges, kiwi fruit and a 6ft Christmas tree....

....my shopping list yesterday.:p

just thought I'd mention it.

Now back on topic please.

2010 get down the gym, stop smoking, stop drinking, cut down on the pies, less internet porn, stop buying crap off eBay, cut down on hitting the kids and shooting cats....

....wots the point in 2012 we all die anyways.


well you'd still spend 2011 in prison being taken roughly from behind by a guy named "Buba" for hitting kids and shooting cats :lol: even if the world did end in 2012 :p


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On topic, third weekend in may.

"Mike The Headless Chicken Day!"

February 2nd - Its Groundhog Day!!!!!!!

I made a calendar, usual dates and those 2, it makes me smile seeing the calendars in peoples shops knowing that some of warped sense of humour is out there!
right then people - I'm making progress.

So far we have:

D&AD online entry deadline
D&AD postal deadline
Rose Advertising entry deadline
Design Week Awards
D&AD student awards deadline
Clocks go forward
D&AD judgeing
D&AD in book winners announced
Webby awards announced
Future everything
World cup starts
England v USA
Webby Awards
England v Algeria
England v Slovenia
Sh! Awards
Leeds/Reading festival
London Design festival
Flash on the beach
Roses design awards
Leeds light night
Clock go back
Liverpool design symposium
Leeds international film festival
Tron legacy opens