What you listening to at the moment?


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Cellophane - So Cruel by Miami Horror
Lovely indietronica song.

Current Favorite song: Welcome To My Life - Empire Of The Sun ☀

Ram P. Mony

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At the very moment, I'm listening to "Anything is possible", by Blue Six

During the day, i usually listen to

Chris Standring

Cool Million Remixes

Mishka Adams

Souad Massi

Vinicius de Moraes


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I listen to audiobooks, music, and podcasts while I work. I'm enjoying NPR's Hidden Brain right now.


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My wife bought me Revival by Eminem for my birthday recently, as well as tickets to see him in London. So I've had that and a load of his old stuff taking turns in the car CD player!


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I like rum and cola but not because of the Andrew Sisters. ;)

I'm listening to The Go Team.

Over and over and over and over and over again as it's the backing track to a short video I'm making and I'm editing the motion graphics to the track.

I don't like it as much now as I did. :(