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What you doing this weekend?

Stationery Direct

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What you up to this weekend guys 'n' gals?

I'm off to see an Ice Skating Show tonight as my partner has always wanted to see one.
Saturday is my mates birthday so i'm up the town :icon_cheers:
I will be doing my weekly shop, wrestling my 3 year old and going to the mother's for sunday dinner. What more can you want?:icon_smile:

Stationery Direct

Staff member
@ Maddy, nope it is the Cirque de Soleil or something like that, but my son would love Lazy Town on ice (presume you are talking about the kids show?)

@ Mike, i'm sorry :icon_biggrin:

lol, I love Blackpool, had some top boys nights out there (I think), have a good night.
Pork - scrummy. I usually lose at wrestling due to his great Smackdown moves...

Boss Hog - bet it will be a good show. Those skaters make it look so easy. My boy would also love Lazytown on Ice but I fear he would try and join in:icon_smile:
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